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Montagnieu Brut

Méthode traditionelle


Altesse, Mondeuse, Pinot Noir & Chardonnay

Tasting Note

A choreography of fine bubbles sets off its attractive colour withlight - gold highlights. The elegant nose with floral notes is enhanced by the persistent effervescence. The same pleasure carries throught amouth feel balancing structure and freshness. A wine of sheer pleasure, perfect for festive.

Food and wine pairing

Aperitif, cocktail party, throughout the meal.


While the formation of the French Prealps and the Ice Age have created a very heterogeneous chaotic soil in the Bugey region, the Montagnieu soil on the other hand is very homogeneous. It is characterised by a very calcareous white clay soil full of ammonites and other fossilised sea molluscs. It is these geological characteristics and the symbiosis of the grape varieties described above that have made the reputation of Montagnieu's wines.



Previously called “méthode champenoise”, this method is used to produce a sparkling wine. The bubbles are formed during a secondary fermentation which takes place over at least 12 months in the bottle without transfer (bottles on laths). This is followed by "remuage" (riddling) so the deposits fall onto the metal cap. In the final step, disgorging, these deposits are removed so the bottle can receive its cork and "muselet" (wire cap).

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