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Pinot Noir

Noblesse oblige


100% Pinot Noir

Tasting Note

Perhaps the noblest of the red grape varieties but also the most capricious because it is very sensitive to the vintage, it offers a dark ruby colour sometimes, a red fruit nose always, a complex mouth with often silky tannins. Some vintages can be forgotten in the cellar for a few years.

Food and wine pairing

Its finesse and elegance will go wonderfully well with Bresse chicken, braised red meat or fromage frais.


Maison Yves Duport Bugey Tradition Pinot

The formation of the French Prealps and the Ice Age have created a very heterogeneous chaotic soil. However, two types of soils can be distinguished: firstly a clay and limestone soil (white clay, mountain scree) and secondly a silica and limestone molasse (moraine deposits).


After a manual harvest and a rigorous sorting, the whole harvest or partially de-stemmed depending on the needs of the vintage, is filled in vats. Without sulphite, the fermentation takes place with "pigeage" in order to extract the aromatic precursors, colour and tannins. A dozen of days will have been necessary to give these grapes a second life much longer than it would have been in fruit that we call the WINE.

This newborn wine will go through "education" by ageing for at least 10 months in barrels.

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